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New Update (see below) - 06.10.10

Hi and welcome to Dyrako! As you'll have probably realised this website was set up to display and (ultimately/eventually/hopefully) sell my photographs to anyone who happens to come across it.

Being an animal lover the majority of photos will be of animals though there will ultimately be other categories such as plants and landscape. Some of my travel photos are up aswell for family, friends and whomever else may be interested.

Unfortunately because of a lack in funds and free time I am unable to take as many 'wild' photographs as I'd like and so a lot of them on Dyrako are currently of captive animals. I do not intend to deny this like I know some people do and each photo should be labeled with the location it was taken at. Luckily, though, a lot of my photos are still of animals in their natural habitats!


06/10/10 ~ To save space, ease viewing time a bit and, hopefully, keep to a certain quality, I'll be deleting various and maybe even a lot of photos that I don't feel aren't up to standard. If there's a photo missing that you liked then obviously it was good enough to be remembered so just tell me which one it was in the guestbook and I'll add it back in.

Due to just having started at a University 4 hours away from my house (and main computer) updates and new photos will be slower than usual I'm afraid. I'm also planning on a new layout which will take up more of my time back home so apologies for the lack of activity.

A temporary Site Guide has been added to the menu bar with basic instructions of how to find, view and filter photographs on Dyrako. I say temporary because I'm not too happy with it (as usual) so it will probably be re-written at some point. Hope it helps!