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Hey, in this section you will find information about navigating Dyrako for anyone who's having trouble or wants to make it a bit easier. It also has a few extra bits of info about viewing photos and slideshows, etc.

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Finding Photos

Finding the photographs is actually very easy. Simply click on the section in the navigation bar above and you'll come to a new page with a few different options (such as Mammals, Invertebrates, South Africa, etc.) Click on these image links and you'll be taken to the corrosponding album. From there it's pretty much the same as any other website, but you can look at the 'Viewing Photos' section below if you're having trouble.

Viewing Photos

There are a couple of ways to view the photographs which are:
(1) Clicking the image currently on the screen, which will take you to the next one in the album or
(2) Using the slideshow option (you can pause this and go back to previous photos)

My personal reccomendation would be option (1) as the slideshow will stretch the photos to fit on the screen and, for the sake of saving online storage space, all images on Dyrako have been downsized so may show up pixelated.
If you don't mind a little pixelation, however, then feel free to go for option (2). Certain albums, such as those in Travel, should also have background music in slideshow.

Filtering Photos

Filtering is easy once you know what to do.

First things first is finding the Gallery page. You can do this by clicking the 'Back to Album/Gallery' button above the image(s) on the screen. (At this point the web address should be something similar to 'www.dyrako2.webs.com')

After that it's as simple as typing in a key word into the search box. i.e. typing in 'Marwell' will bring up images from Marwell Wildlife and 'SA' will show photos taken in South Africa. Below I'll list a few options that you can type in to filter by.

However, this does not sort them into their own album and so you will have to keep clicking the 'back' button on your browser to access the next image. If you click on the photo that comes up on the screen you will be taken to the next photo in the album it's stored in which won't necessarily be an image found by the filter.

 Filtering Suggestions
Hawk Conservancy  -  The Hawk Conservancy
Home  -  my home
Kruger  -  Kruger National Park
London  -  London Zoo
Manor Farm  -  Manor Farm
Marwell  -  Marwell Wildlife
Monkey World  -  Monkey World

UK  - United Kingdom
SA  -  South Africa